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DrinkMi started in 2013, founded by Joe Ow & his wife (Valerie). DrinkMi started conceptualizing over a family dinner with one of their relatives offering Joe & his wife exclusive distributorship of Jolly Bee Ice Jelly Drink product. Ever since then, the Jolly Bee brand has since grown to a well-known beverage in the local F&B industry.


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In 25th January 2019, DrinkMi has officially incorporated to Drink Mi Pte Ltd with due approval of shareholders. Drink Mi Pte Ltd is a distributing company dealing with beverages. DrinkMi’s main product is the well-known DrinkMi Ice Jelly imported from Malaysia. Ice jelly is a beverage that attracts not only children but also all ages and genders. DrinkMi aims to provide the best beverages locally and globally as well. DrinkMi strives to be innovative and creative in their marketing channels and also providing the best after sales service to maintain their relationships with their “consumers”.

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