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Packing all the natural goodness of fresh fruits, aiyu seeds and ingredient, DrinkMi’s ice jelly juices are flavoursome and nutritious way to treat yourself with every sip.

Trusted & Experienced

DrinkMi spent years of research developing the best and perfect quality drinks that are healthy and suitable for every occasions.

Our Commitment

We follow strict handling practices and procedures, including inspection on a routine basis to ensure all of our products are of top notch quality.

Our Amazing Story

DrinkMi pride itself on creating the best tasting, affordable and accessible ice jelly drink in Singapore.

DrinkMi ice jelly drinks provide multiple health benefits and includes a wide range of vitamins.

Our Story


DrinkMi was founded by Joe Ow & Valerie


Focus in R&D to develop healthy and flavourful Ice Jelly


Launched a total of 16 different flavors ice jelly and beverages in the F&B market


Branding facelift, DrinkMi range of products can now be found in over 100+ convenience stores and minimarkets, eateries and restaurants islandwide

Working towards sustainability

Apart from cultivating powerful flavor experiences from the highest quality ingredients, we are also working towards sustainability to build a better tomorrow.

Continuous Innovation

We are seeing a major trend in sugar reduction preference for beverages in consumers. Our continuous innovation aim is to achieve health and wellness while not sacrificing taste

Renewable Energy

We are dedicated to minimizing our total environmental footprint in future to ensure that we’re doing our part to keep the planet remarkable.

Career Opportunities

As a growing food and beverage company, DrinkMi has plenty of opportunities for you to make an impact through the work you do.

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